Stem cells are our “Young Factory”. They produce young skin cells in the cell renewal process until we reach peak conditions at a young age, after which they begin to slow down. The stem cells in our body affect our skin. Every skin cell has a definite lifespan, and afterward, it will become a dead cell. And if the dead skin cells are not replaced by younger cells in the cell renewal process, the skin becomes dull from the inside, thus losing its youthful appearance from the outside. This update process is already printed in our DNA and determines how long we can possibly live and how the aging process will occur. This affects the outer appearance of our skin and how it acts. As the cell renewal process slows down, the collection of damage in the epidermal layer and skin barrier begins to thin out and weakens, making the epidermis layer susceptible to irritation and drought. The second skin layer, the dermis, has matrix support made of collagen and elastin. However, over time, the production of less collagen causes the dermis structure to be destroyed. To keep collagen active and youthful skin, you should try the latest product that will not make you disappointed, namely satin youth. Already proven with this product, some satin youth reviews say that this product produces the coveted skin of almost all women.

Thus, as the skin loses its strength within its internal support structure, it will weaken from within, causing fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and thinning of the skin thoroughly from the outside. Because oil production also declines, the skin also appears dry and rough. When some causes are linked to the natural aging process, we have control over other environmental factors that can accelerate the aging process thoroughly. Some of these factors are sun damage or so-called Photoaging – from sunlight to suntan. Repeated skin contouring; Facial expressions such as sullen and folded skin when sleeping can cause premature wrinkling. Unhealthy diet; Not eating healthy can make you almost look 2 years older. Body Mass Index (BMI) is higher; Obesity increases the decrease of eyelids and wrinkles around the eyes.

Dehydration is an important factor for the skin because of dry environments, such as air conditioning or central heating, make the skin dry and more difficult to carry out the cell renewal process because it can not function optimally. Skip skin care products; Not using skin care products can make you look 2 years older.