Whenever you’re hanging out with some friends, getting drunk or high can be inevitable. Aside from considered as the way to letting out some stresses for some people, drowning themselves in drugs and alcohol seems to be a way to refresh their minds. However, it comes with several consequences. One of the worst consequences of getting high or drunk is that you’re not allowed to drive your car by yourself. If you’re forcing this, you may be charged with the DUI regulations. You may also want to hire the top Tampa DUI lawyers when it happens in Tampa.

Avoiding that kind of condition is necessary, no matter how much your love to drink and get high. First, if you really want to avoid that kind of charge, make sure you’re coming by taxi or other public transport in the first place. This way, there is no way you’re gonna drive your own car when you do not even bring it with you in the first place. Then, you may also want to ask some “sober” friends to accompany you to go home. This way, you will be able to go home safely without any risk of an accident.