HRD or Human Resources Development takes an important role as a forum for the development of all human resources in a company. Various tasks are also charged to the division which recently referred to as one of the company’s most important assets. Before discussing further, HRD and Personnel are responsible very different, ie HRD oversees personnel, HRD is not only focused on administration such as absenteeism and as its but rather how to develop employees and retain employees in a company. Of course, a regularity starts from the rules. What is the purpose of our company, how to achieve it, and what are the philosophies we will bring into our working lives in this company? This is very important formulated by the superiors, HRD, and employees in order to create a sound equilibrium. It is not easy for an HRD to take on many tasks. There is a need for certification for this position so you can be recognized and have value, one of them with PHR certification, SPHR which you can get online training and initiated by David J. Cherrington, DBA, SPHR and Laura Z. Middleton, SPHR, through them you Can follow the PHR practice test.

Conversely, personnel is more focused on the regularity of the administrative system of a company. Some tasks and responsibilities in the field of HRD and personnel from experience as HR practitioners (especially in family companies that have not the system clearly), Structure of a clear organization is also needed in a company. In addition, through this structure, will lead to employee passion, especially in planning his career ladder in the future. Here, HRD serves to control the implementation of bureaucracy and the legislation and also sort out which rules are suitably applied in the company or not. HRD must also be a bridge between the company and workers when meeting the conflict between the two camps.

HRD responsible for creating job descriptions and what work specifications will be performed. This can be formulated through work analysis conducted by the HRD to various divisions in the company. The various techniques can be done such as observation and interview directly. With the clarity of description and job specification, employees are expected to maximize its performance. To measure its performance too, required a benchmark commonly referred to as performance appraisal. This performance appraisal is based on what the job descriptions and specifications are, and the targets to be met. Even if a division is the same as another company, the form of performance appraisal of each company must be different.