Even though after that many other types of cake have been emerging and becoming a trend in the recent years, like rainbow cakes, for example, carrot cakes still can compete and have their own fans and market share. That is why you still can find easily this cake in probably almost every bakery in your city in varied ranges of prices. For example, you can take a look at the Publix Cakes Prices to check how much a carrot cake costs.

Carrot cake is included as a historic cake on the European land since 1892, especially in Switzerland. However, not only in Europe, in the United State, a carrot cake is also often served in celebrations of birthdays, weddings and big days of the state. The history notes that this cake is served and became a meal of George Washington on the day of liberation of New York from British colonization on 25 November 1783 or British Evacuation Day.