Since the area of the apartment is not too large, coupled with the many activities, most apartment residents, especially young couples, choose not to use the services of household assistants. Therefore, now many online home cleaning services that offer convenience and practicality in everyday life.

It is easy to hire an online Cleaning Service as you only need to set up 1-2 hours or as you wish, choose the services you want and provide the total amount of your apartment. Then, there will be someone coming to your apartment to clean it up.

Here are some things to note before you order an online Cleaning Service for your apartment:

– You need to make sure your schedule is empty when the apartment will be cleaned
– Even though all officers have passed the test, you should not let the apartment is empty while being cleaned. In addition, you can also simultaneously supervise their work so that what you want can be done.
– You also need to determine whether you want the private area to be cleaned as well
– If there are certain areas that you do not want to clean, like the bedroom, then you can tell the cleaning officer.
– You can also provide cleaning products that you want to use
– If there are several clean-up products that you want to use in a certain area, you can tell how to use them to the officer. You need to provide clear direction so that officers are not wrong
– You can also adjust the time period. The minimum limit of this online clean-up period is usually 2 hours. So, you can adjust this time period to clear all areas you want to clean or you can add hours if you want at an additional cost.
– Then, you can also give a token of appreciation. You can give an appreciation to the officer if you want as it is not an obligation.